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The BGP Visibility Scanner

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Retrieve the limited visibility prefixes per origin AS

By inputing an AS number, you can retrieve the limited visibility IPv4 and IPv6 prefixes injected by that particular network, according to the data we have observed during our study. We update the queried data set daily, based on the latest full routing feeds given by all the ASes participating in the RIPE RIS and RouteViews projects.
You can also check if the LV prefix retrieved is a dark prefix (marked with DP) or simply limited visibility (marked with LV).

UPDATE: You can now check for IPv6 limited visibility prefixes!

Please take the time to fill in the short survey form after visualizing the results of your query.

Dataset generated using the routing feeds from May 29th, 2014.

The Prefix Visibility Project

In most of the cases, the prefixes injected though BGP are distributed to all the rest of ASes, forming the so-called global routing table. However, many prefixes are not distributed globally, but are only propagated to a limited set of ASes. We call those prefixes Limited Visibility prefixes. There are multiple reasons for this, including scoped advertisement and filtering. One notable subcase of limited visibility prefixes are the so-called Dark Prefixes. Dark address space refers to addresses that are contained in a Low Visibility prefix and that it is not covered by any less-specific prefix that is distributed globally. This basically implies that there are a number of ASes in the Internet that while having a "global routing table" do not have a route (other than the possible default route) that covers the dark address space, jeopardizing its reachability.

In this project we aim to understand the amount and nature of the Limited Visibility prefixes.

One question we would like to answer is whether this phenomenon is intended by the originating ASes or not.

The paper The BGP Visibility Scanner describing the proposed tool has been accepted for publication in the Global Internet Symposium 2013 , held in conjuction with INFOCOM 2013.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a Limited Visibility prefix?

2. Does limited visibility imply limited reachability?

3. Is a LVP always the result of a mistake/slip?

4. Which is the routing data use in the study?


This is a joint project between Institute IMDEA Networks and the NETCOM Research Group from Univeristy Carlos III of Madrid, Spain.
Please contact us if you have further questions or comments.

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